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Indian cuisines are well-known across the world for their rich flavor, aroma, variety and taste. The spices that give these rich flavor and aroma have been an integral part of Indian culinary for ages. Moreover, most of the spices are known to hold medicinal and therapeutic properties. All these factors make Straight Spices from Catch an integral part of daily Indian cooking. These spices are made from high quality raw materials, ground to perfection using LTG technology that brings the right flavor, color, and aroma to variety of dishes.



A DS Group venture started to specifically meet the bulk volume need of HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurants, Caterers) and other kind of Institutions. The growing importance for compliance with stricter norms and food regulations has triggered most of the institutions to move towards branded players. These institutions look for unfailing quality and efficient availability meeting their specific requirement. Our decades of experience in spices and across the country channel presence make us a preferable choice among them.