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Kitchen Range - Salt & Spices | Catch Foods

Catch Spices known world over for its product quality, the brand has one of the largest number of variants in the kitchen range. Catch aspires to be a complete, authentic one stop experience provider for all the kitchen salt and spices needs to serve Pan India palates. Our product range varies from Single spice Powder, Mixed spice powder to Whole spices and the recent addition has been Pastes. Catch Salt and Spices strive towards adding convenience to Home Chefs in Indian cooking and provide unbeatable taste.


Single/Straight Spices

Indian cuisines are well-known across the world for their rich flavor, aroma, variety and taste. The spices that give these rich flavor and aroma have been an integral part of Indian culinary for ages. Moreover, most of the spices are known to hold medicinal and therapeutic properties. All these factors make Straight Spices from Catch an integral part of daily Indian cooking. These spices are made from high quality raw materials, ground to perfection using LTG technology that brings the right flavor, color, and aroma to variety of dishes.


Mixed Spices / Blends

Catch’s Mixed Spices made with high quality whole spices, ground and blended together to perfection, to yield an exciting and aromatic mix which brings the right flavor, color and taste to a variety of dishes. This Indian culinary practice of preparing a blend of spices dates back to ancient times; keeping the tradition alive – Blends by Catch offer a range of mixed spices for the varied and rich Indian delicacies.


Whole Spices

Catch Whole spices give you the best of taste, flavour and aroma as they are sourced from the prime spice growing regions. Whole spices do not go through the grounding process and retains most of its original qualities, these are cleaned using stringent processes to make them free from impurities. They are guaranteed not only to be pure, but also to delight your palate with their taste and aroma.


Cooking Pastes

Ginger, Garlic, Tamarind are all key ingredients to Indian food especially gravies. While, they are readily available in most regions of the country, they require high degree of processing (peeling, cutting, grating etc.) before they are ready to put in to the pan for cooking. Introducing, Catch Cooking Pastes aimed at cutting down your cooking preparation time drastically. The range of pastes are thick, grainy and natural and will add the desired flavor and texture to your host of gravies and other dishes.


Hing (Asafoetida)

Hing (Asafoetida) is widely used in cooking across India for its aroma and medicinal properties such as soothing stomach ailments, most importantly for better digestion for all. Catch Hing allows you to make your food tasty and healthy, making it a must have for your kitchen.