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Table Top Range - Sprinklers & Grinders | Catch Foods

While the love for food is universal, each individual has different likes and dislikes. Catch Table Top Range aims to address your individual needs and offers flexibility to add your personal touch to any dish.



Catch pepper and salt marked its debut in the table top dispenser category in the year 1987. The product was launched as a response to the then common grievance of table salt becoming soggy during monsoons leading to clogged salt dispensers. Catch has continued its market leadership in this category and has now expanded its range of innovative and highly convenient condiment dispensers that turn every dish into a treat.



Presenting the first in class Ceramic Spice Grinder Heads by Catch. Freshly ground seasoning imparts an explosion of flavours to every dish. The different variants of Catch grinders add suitable flavours to the dishes to delight family and friends. Catch Grinders come with a special ceramic grinding head, which ensures uniform & smooth grinding along with focused flow on to your dish.


Herbs & Flakes

Catch Herbs & Flakes range includes a host of exotic ingredients which can add magical flavor and texture to your dishes. Catch offers 100% Freeze Dried Herbs which reach you with its original color texture and flavors. Catch Flakes add crunch and flavour to your dishes and help you create exciting variations in already prepared food.